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Consistently searching for the next great story.

Work Experience

Not only has my curiosity brought me places in my educational career I never thought I would be, it's also brought me to work with some of the brightest people I've ever met. I was an intern for a software company, where I got do code and design apps, work with Python, and learn the ins and outs of software development, I was a student worker for a part of the Department of Medicine at UW-Madison, where I worked with and interviewed some brilliant researchers(and was able to tell the story of some of their research!), and most recently, I've been given the privilege to become a Marketing Intern at a software development company in Madison, near the State Capitol Building.

Positions I've Held

Noble Applications (2020-present) - Marketing Intern
UW - Center for Tobacco Research and Intervention (2019-2020) - Communications Intern
Navitus Health Solutions (Jun-Aug, 2018-2019) - Summer Intern
Badger Boys State (2017-2020) - Assistant Counselor, IT/Marketing Team Member

Proficiencies I've Gained Thus Far

Adobe Creative Suite
Technical Writing
Blog Writing
Interviewing Subjects
Short-form and Long Form Article Writing
Academic writing
Understanding of Basic Graphic Design Elements
Microsoft Office Suite

Soft Skills I've Acquired

Ability to read emotion
A listening ear and a responsive voice
A shoulder to cry on
Sense of humor
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